"We don’t believe in trends, we believe in colors, patterns and getting dressed with feelings. We believe in sustainability by building a personal and longlasting wardrobe which brings you the butterflies. A wardrobe that makes you feel all the best of YOU.”

– Mathilde Prins, Founder of Odd Lemon

Odd Lemon is about YOU. It’s about feeling good with yourself by the way you dress and the clothes that you wear. We create iconic and colorful pieces for your wardrobe, and with no compromises! We want all of our garments to be both comfy, ethical and beautiful!

While the comfort is reflected in our design of silhouettes and choice of materials, which should always feel nice, breathable and smooth on the skin, the ethical perspective is about how we produce. And for the beauty of it we might say that it speaks for itself in the most colorful way.

Not only do we believe that colors make you happy. We believe that colors and prints have the ability to bring your personality into your outfit and show who you are without words. It allows you to experiment and create a personal and unique style that makes you YOU whether you are styling it with basic items for a more low key look or going crazy with color mix if that’s who you are.

As you might have noticed by now we aim to embrace you from the inside and out no matter who you are. That also means no matter your size of body which is why we beside our ready made sizes (XS-XXL) offer made-to-order so that we can adapt any style according to your personal measurements. Curvy or skinny, high or low we got you!


As a slow fashion brand we want to take responsibility in the way we work and produce. Our business is an ecosystem based on sustainable values such as good working conditions, equal relations and low impact production.

Everything we create is made with care for our planet and the people who live there. All of our slow fashion garments are handmade in Denmark by professional seamstresses under fair working conditions while our tights are produced in a family-owned factory in Poland and in the UK.

We aim our production to have as low an impact on the environment as possible, which is why we only make limited stocks of our bestseller styles while the rest is made-to-order. In that way we can minimize our waste and thereby our footprints on the planet – and from our point of view we can stay a sustainable business without a big, financial deficit since running a slow fashion business is more expensive in all perspectives.


Slow fashion is an investment. As a slow fashion brand we do not work in collections in the traditional sense just as well as we don’t do design based on ever-changing trends. Instead the idea is that all Odd Lemon pieces can be mixed and matched in infinite ways throughout the year. Regardless of the season you got your piece! With that said, high quality and longevity is key in our designs.

Twice a year we launch small capsules which you can use all together or with the rest of your wardrobe unlike fast fashion brands who spit out multiple trend based collections to be replaced season after season. At Odd Lemon we aim to create timeless styles, classic with a twist, that never go out of fashion and in high quality which in our opinion makes the longevity. In that way you don’t have to replace your garments regarding

ever-changing trends or because it’s poor quality that wears out and breaks easily.

Slow fashion might be in the more expensive price range – but at least you get what you pay for! It’s an investment. Not only do you invest in good and sustainable values. You take responsibility for the way it’s made and produced. Also it might be a more economical way to consume since there is no reason for the slow fashion garments to be replaced so that you don’t have to use further money right away. Sounds nice, huh?


Welcome to Odd Lemon and thanks for being here <3

We hope you’ll find something that makes your heart skip a beat! See you online or in the showroom by appointment.